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WAMI GAMING LLC was established in August of 2010.  

In March of 2012, pursuant to the 2009 Illinois Video Gaming Act, The Illinois Gaming Board unanimously awarded WAMI GAMING, LLC a Terminal Operator License. This allows WAMI GAMING to provide Las Vegas style Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs) for play at licensed liquor pouring establishments, certain truck stops, and fraternal/veterans organizations in Illinois.


Now our VGT's can be found in some of Chicagolands finest liquor pouring establishments.  


Think of us like a CRAFT Terminal Operator.  We take the time to understand each customers concerns and needs.  After that we develope a plan for them to acheive the highest level of success.  This includes developing a custom floorplan, assistance and guidence with the licensing process and then implementation once the location is licensed.  We supply the VGT's, as well as all of the support equipment including, but not limited to, bases, chairs, Purell dispensers and security cameras (for the gaming area).


Lets explore working together to add exciting Las Vegas Style Video Gaming Terminals to your venue!!

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